10 tips for surviving cold weather

Living in Quebec means cold, of course. We are florists, but also attentive to our customers... Here are 10 tips to help you survive the winter!

1. Preparing your car

It's basic advice, but it's important to repeat it!  Put your winter tires down in advance, have your car checked to make sure it is ready for winter. It will be one less stress on your shoulders and you will be safe!

2. Be well equipped

It still sounds very simple as advice, but it's so important for your health! Dress warmly to go out: coat, wool socks, boots, tuque and all that stuff! Your body will thank you.

3. Moisturize your skin well

Do you have dry skin in winter too? Getting a good moisturizer is not a luxury and it will avoid small cracks and unpleasant sensations. We suggest you: Lipikar AP+ balm from Laroche-Posay, a real jewel!

4. Surrounding yourself with colours

And yes, when you say a season change, you often mean seasonal depression... Surround yourself with light and colours! Why not get a small light therapy lamp and decorate your home with pretty flowers? It's such a morale booster!

5. Teas and herbal teas

 Teas and herbal teas are so comforting, but they also have many health benefits. This will warm your heart, your body and help your health. Explore the different options!

Now you're a little better  prepared to survive the freezing temperatures of Quebec, brrrrrrr.