March: the return of Spring!

Finally, here we are in March! Which means that spring will soon be with us. We will finally be able to recover the warmth of the sun's rays, the softness of warmer temperatures, the return of the birds' songs.

This is the period when we recover light.

Between the winter and summer solstices, there is an eight-hour difference: about 8 hours of light per day in winter compared to 16 hours in summer. It is in March, at the beginning of spring, that the daily dose of sunshine increases the most rapidly, our body must adapt. Our body follows daylight and it's in springtime that the changes are most noticeable. There are about 4 more minutes of sunshine per day. Over a day, it's not much, but at the end of the week, it's a total of almost half an hour more. So the body has to adapt, and it tires it. Spring is a season when you are most exhausted, but you don't necessarily feel it, because, with sunlight, you feel more enthusiastic. The same is true for our plants. They are more fragile and it's not yet time to repot them, they need a little more fertilizer and to regain their strength little by little. 

The sleeping nature wakes up slowly and the smile appears again on our faces, making us happier and more compassionate towards each other. Have you noticed how people's moods change with the return of the sun?

Change is just as obvious in nature. Every spring, it is always impressive to see how trees and plants come to life in such a short period of time. Indeed, it only takes a few days of heat and sunshine to see the first buds appear on the branches, the grass turn green again and the flowers start to emerge from the ground. With all this renewal, we take pleasure in opening the windows of the house to change the air, if only for 5 minutes. Don't we sleep better after "changing the air" in our house? As temperatures get milder and the sun shines brighter, it's nice to go for a walk. It's also the time to give our dear plants some sunbathing. A little fresh air and direct light will do them good and give them the little help they need to flourish.

It also makes us want to do a great cleaning: Spring cleaning. Did you know that spring cleaning was originally a practice that originated in the agricultural world: it was necessary at the time to empty cellars and attics to make room for new crops? Today we clean our house from the floor to the ceiling through the windows, and we also sort through our belongings.
For those who have children, March also means that school ends in a few months. Once Spring Break is over, it is the final stretch before exams and the end of the school year.
In the end, with spring, you feel alive again, even reborn, and it feels good, doesn't it?