The story of a rosebud

The month of February is always for me, the month of love and I always find reading beautiful love stories very touching. Not the invented and romanticized stories that we see in movies, but those that live with the heart. And I have one that comes to mind when I think of Valentine's Day. This is the story of my friend Annie-Lyne.

Her dad was a great romantic and he bought each year, for Valentine's Day, a red rose for her mom, and this ever since their first anniversary. Then one day he became a father, so the tradition changed a bit. The woman of his life received a red rose, and a pink rose for his daughter. Year after year, the tradition continues. Even when my friend Annie-Lyne left the family nest, to go study outside the city, she could expect to receive, by special delivery every Valentin’s day, one beautiful pink rose.

The story could end there and would seem trivial for some and extraordinary for others. But this rose meant more than buying a simple rose, it is a reminder of the love and kindness of a father and a husband.

Annie-Lyne grew up and became a mother. Grandma always got her red rose, Annie-Lyne her pink rose and her two little daughters a fuchsia rose ... After more than a decade in the relationship with Annie-Lyne, her boyfriend asked her father for her hand. He accepted on one condition: that each year, he buys a red rose for his future wife, and a pink rose for his two little princesses. No matter the storms they weather or the bad days, every year a rose will be waiting for them. And he made the promise. This promise meant everything, in words unspoken.

My friend had never seen the full extent of this tradition, but she was very moved when her future husband explained the promise made to his stepfather.

Perhaps this story will draw a tear to the most sensitive and will make you realize how a simple gesture can be filled with unconditional love.


I wish you the best Valentine's Day filled with love!