You had me at Roses!

Roses always opens hearts!

Are you thinking about offering roses to your dear one for Valentine's Day? Excellent idea! But be careful, each flower hides a special meaning. What message do you want to send to your beloved? We tell you more ...

I love you passionately

To express a passionate and intense love, nothing is better than the classic red roses. Indeed, the red is synonymous of ardor and shows fiery feelings. This flower is great to reveal a love at first sight or a big crush! Red roses can also mean respect and courage.

I love you dearly

To confess a more lasting and solid love, the pink rose is ideal. This flower is the perfect gift when the relationship is stronger and the partner wants to communicate their fulfillment and happiness in the union.

I secretly love you 

You have feelings for someone but have not dared to tell him or her? The white rose will speak for you. This flower with a pure and refined connotation and expresses a love both hidden and mysterious. In the language of flowers, it also confirms a genuine feeling that is not necessarily romantic love. White roses are the perfect gift for a friend or a family member.

I love you and I’m attracted to you

Do you want to express your desire and admiration for your new lover? The orange/peach rose will do it for you. Without a doubt, this warm colored flower reveals an electrifying physical attraction and a strong enthusiasm.

I love you and I beg your forgiveness

You made a mistake and need to be forgiven? The yellow rose will be your ally. Be careful, many associate this flower with infidelity and jealousy. We, therefore, advise you to add a message to clarify your thoughts and your desire for redemption.
The number of roses offered is also important. Offering one rose allows you to confess your love with ease while offering 24 expresses gallantry. For couples, the recommended number is often 12 roses. Do you want to make an impression? Go ahead with 101 roses to reveal a crazy love!

Beyond the symbolism associated with the colors of roses, this flower will always personify a safe way to score points with your sweetheart. Roses are like little black dresses or a nice suit and tie, they never go out of fashion!

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